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World’s quietest submarine, cruise missiles and smart bombs: The deadly arsenal Putin is using to pound Syrian terrorists into submission

  • Syrian government forces backed by heavy Russian air support have driven Islamic State out of ancient city of Palmyra
  • Assad supported by Putin has inflicted what the army called a ‘mortal blow’ to militants who seized the city last year and dynamited its ancient temples 
  • Putin is using Syria as a testing ground for a terrifying new generation of weapons
  • His warplanes, missiles and tanks, smart bombs and satellite technology have already changed the landscape in Syria
  • Russia claims to have destroyed 3,000 ‘terror’ targets during 14 days of airstrikes at the beginning of February 
  • But it has also been accused of killing 1,000 civilians in the bombardment

They have been dubbed ‘Moscow’s war games’, a deadly flexing of Russia’s military might in the battlegrounds of Syria that has seen Vladimir Putin‘s forces tip the balance of power towards the once beleaguered leadership of Bashar al-Assad.

For ranged now in the name of Putin’s war on terror is an awesome array of firepower, with Russia’s iron man president deploying an arsenal of his latest weapons to Syria – operating from land, sea and air.

In the latest major campaign to support Assad, the Russians have helped to drive Islamic State out of the ancient city of Palmyra, inflicting what the army called a ‘mortal blow’ to militants who seized the city last year and dynamited its ancient temples.

The loss of Palmyra represents one of the biggest setbacks for the ultra-hardline Islamist group since it declared a caliphate in 2014 across large parts of Syria and Iraq.

As Putin’s intervention turns the tide of Syria’s five-year conflict in Assad’s favour, MailOnline spotlights the terrifying arsenal of weapons, armour and warplanes that have become so pivotal to the fate of all sides inside Syria.


BY AIR: Fleet of fighter jets with precision-guided missiles so advanced some are even controlled by the pilot’s helmet

While the Russian Command Group and Co-ordination teams are based at their embassy in Damascus, it is their base in the port city of Latakia, north western Syria, which is providing the hub for the air power. Dozens of daily sorties were flown from these headquarters when the campaign was at its height.

Based there is the astonishingly powerful Air Group of Su-34, Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-24 and Su-25 combat aircraft, the Helicopter Group of Mi-24 and Mi-35 gunships, Mi-8 utility helicopters and the Airlift Contingent of An-124, II-76 and Tu-154 aircraft.

The supersonic Su-24 tactical bomber, Su-25, Su-30 and Su-34 are all equipped with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles to assist Syrian ground



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