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Boom time! The incredible planes that will bring about a new era in supersonic travel (with one reaching a top speed of 12,000mph)

  • Boom jet claims to offer ‘affordable’ supersonic travel with 3.5 hour journey from London to New York priced $5000 
  • Concorde 2 described as ‘highest rollercoaster in the world’ due to steep ascent, descent and high speed of flight
  • Antipode could travel 12,430 miles in under an hour, allowing a journey from London to New York in just 11 minutes

Last week Richard Branson announced Virgin is set to order 10 supersonic Boom jets, which the manufacturer claims will herald a new era of ‘affordable’ supersonic travel.

While Boom jet will fly at 1,451mph – about 100mph faster than Concorde – and reach New York from London in just three three and a half hours, it’s not the only trailblazing aircraft of the future.

From flight paths that reach the Earth’s upper most atmosphere to aircraft with rocket boosters, MailOnline Travel rounds up the concept planes set to transform journey times and kick start supersonic travel.


The 40-seater aircraft, Boom is being built by former Amazon executive Blake Scholl to fly from London to New York in three and a half hours with a ticket costing $5,000. Scholl said about 500 routes fit the craft’s market, including a five-hour trip from San Francisco to Tokyo and a six-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

According to the simulations, Boom’s design is quieter and 30 percent more efficient than the Concorde.

It will be split into two single-seat rows, so everybody has a window and an aisle.To reduce weight, the seats are of the standard domestic first-class variety, so no lay-down beds.

To cut flight time, Boom’s plane will cruise at 60,000 feet, where passengers will be able to see the curvature of the earth, while going 2.6 times faster than other passenger planes.



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