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Brutal Islamic State fanatic beheads three Kurdish soldiers in the middle of busy street

THE Islamic State has released a new video in which a fanatic savagely beheads three Kurdish soldiers in a busy street.


The six-minute footage, which was released today, shows a jihadi brutally executing three Peshmerga soldiers in the Iraqi street during the middle of the day.

Brandishing a knife, the bearded militant slits the throats of the men kneeled before him in orange jumpsuits before cutting off their heads – which are then placed on top of their bodies.

Bystanders and cars can be seen passing by as the heinous act is committed.

The appalling clip was reportedly a warning to Kurdish soldiers.

Speaking to the camera, the bearded jihadi – who is an Iranian national according to Iraqi news reports – warned: “You will not be able to hold off the Islamic State.”


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