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Europe’s Climate of Denial: Sexual Assaults and Vigilante Groups are on a Massive Collision Course


At a town meeting in Germany, the mayor said girls should not ‘provoke’ migrants by walking past them. In Finland, vigilante groups have sprouted up.

A town-hall meeting in a small German city erupted with outragewhen the mayor told citizens, concerned about sexual harassment of their daughters and granddaughters by migrants, there was an easy solution to this problem: don’t walk past them so they won’t be “provoked.”

The mayor was responding to a question by a Bad Schlema resident, who identified himself as a grandfather of a girl under the age of 10.

“I have a question regarding the school… about physical education in the school gym … the girls have been harassed by the refugee ‘children,’ the ‘asylum seekers.’ They get harassed from the windows [of the shelter] and things like that. How will this be in the summer? When the schoolgirls wear less clothing?” the grandfather asked.

“That’s easy; just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas,” responded Mayor Jens Muller (a member of Christian Democratic Union party, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

Muller’s remarks caused a thunderous maelstrom in the town hall, with outraged residences yelling, “Oh! In your own country! You can’t even walk in your own city anymore!”

In a reference to the similarly offensive remarks by the mayor of Cologne (who said after coordinated sexual attacks at the Cologne’s train station on New Year’s Eve by hundreds of migrants swarming  women that women should stay a meter away from the men), one resident yelled, “Yeah, let’s all keep one meter distance! So easy!”

The crowd shouted at the mayor, “Go home, boy. What kind of a mayor is this? He should step down!” And, “You don’t even have excuses left! They [the migrants] come here and we’re not allowed to walk here anymore!”

Calling for calm and eventually threatening to shut the meeting down and call the police, the mayor persisted, “Well, it’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to school.”

To a jeering crowd, the mayor continued, “Am I speaking Chinese?” he asked, “Do you think this [sexual harassment] doesn’t exist among Germans?”

The crowd rightfully replied, “That has nothing to do with this! German go to prison for this! … But they [the migrants] don’t go to prison.”

From comments such as these from Bad Schlema’s mayor (as well as similar comments from the mayor of Cologne), to the reports that German police officers are not allowed to properly police migrants or report crimes committed by migrants


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