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Fears grow North Korea could SELL nuclear secrets to ISIS in terrifying coalition

NORTH Korea could be poised to sell its nuclear secrets to Islamic State terrorists in a chilling deal which would give atomic powers to two of the Western world’s gravest enemies.

Speaking on Newsnight, he said: “How do we know that North Korea, under some circumstances, wouldn’t make nuclear material available to a group like ISIS for a considerable amount of currency?”

The pariah state has been crippled by economic sanctions that have left the country close to bankruptcy.

Its citizens are heading towards famine amid warnings people will be forced to chew on the roots of plants to stave off hunger.

John Everard, British Ambassador to North Korea from 2006-2008, added: “There is an assumption that seems to be growing North Korea would never actually use its nuclear weapons for fear of a devastating counter attack.

“But I think that assumption is dangerous.

“These people are not crazy, they are calculated. But they play by a different set of rules.”

Mr Haass’ suggestion raises the terrifying prospect of two of the West’s most feared foes gaining weapons technology that could wipe out entire cities.

ISIS’ well-documented atomic ambitions were cast under the spotlight last week after it emerged they have been surveilling a senior Belgian nuclear official.

Police believe the Brussels-based gang of terrorists who co-ordinated the March 23 massacre were also planning an attack on one of the country’s nuclear power plants.


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