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Is this the biggest piece of ear wax ever? Disgusting video shows it being sucked out with a pump

  • Video shows a patient whose entire ear canal is blocked by a clump of wax 
  • Previous attempts to soften and remove it have left the patient in pain
  • They have now been put under general anaesthetic to have it sucked out
  • Process takes more than 25 minutes but eventually their ear is cleared 

This is the revolting moment a giant plug of wax is sucked from a patient’s ear.

The huge ball was blocking the unidentified patient’s entire ear canal, leaving them deaf.

On two previous occasions, medics had tried to soften it and pull it out, but had failed as the patient was left in ‘intolerable pain’.

This time, the patient was put under general anaesthetic so ear nose and throat surgeon Dr Rahmat Omar could hoover out the waxy substance with a suction pump.



In the text accompanying the video, Dr Omar, an otolaryngologist in Malaysia, explains the patient is suffering from keratosis obturans.

This is where dead skin cells and wax become entrapped in the ear, forming layers which can block the ear canal.

In this patient’s case, the wax had become so compacted it was attached to their ear drum and had left them unable to hear.

The video begins showing the patient already unconscious on the operating table, as a camera attached to the suction pump delves into their ear.

It reveals the mass of glistening white



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