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Muslims Vandalize Statue Of Mary Outside Catholic Church In Massachusetts, Spraypaint “Allah” On It


The exact details are still emerging, but according to the sources, the attack happened just in time for Easter Vigil at St. Catherine’s Church in Norwood, MA.

Notice how the article from the Boston Globe talks about how this is “disrespectful to all religions and not just Catholics.” No, this is disrespectful to Catholics, period.

Everybody wants to dance around the uncomfortable issue that there was Muslim graffiti left on the statue. It is possible that at Muslim did not do it, and we cannot assume until we get more details, but the fact is that there is Muslim graffiti there may mean something.

Imagine if this was a piece of bacon at a mosque- there would be riots in the streets.

This is why the West is being taken over by Muslims. We refuse to call out discrimination by Muslims against Christians, but when Muslims cry “discrimination,” immediately they are defended.

From the Boston Globe:

The body of the statue, which depicts the Blessed Mother with praying hands, was covered in paint. Graffiti was scrawled beneath a plaque that reads “To Jesus Through Mary,” on the base of the statue, which stands in a garden outside the parish school.

The Rev. Stephen Donohoe, the pastor of St. Catherine, called the incident “a sad act of vandalism,” but asked parishioners to pray for whoever defaced the beloved figure.

“Please pray for the person or persons who did this.” Donohoe said in the statement, released Saturday by the Archdiocese of Boston. “We are reminded never to take the gift and treasure of our faith for granted but to live it and proclaim it every day.”

One parishioner was outraged by the vandalism.

“It’s disrespectful to every religion,” said Linda Curran, 73, who learned of the from a neighbor. “I just feel badly. Norwood really has


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