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Shocking moment white student was attacked and accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for having dreadlocks by black classmate at San Francisco University

  • A video showing a black woman stopping a white man for wearing dreadlocks is going viral 
  • The video, which has nearly 200,000 views, was filmed at San Francisco State University
  • She then accuses the student, Cory Goldstein, of cultural appropriation 
  • They then argue about the hair style before Goldstein tries to walk away
  • The woman then physically prevents him from leaving but eventually he leaves
  • The school said it is investigating the confrontation 

A video showing a black girl and her friend stopping a white man wearing dreadlocks in his hair has been viewed thousands of times online.

The 47-second clip shows a woman physically stopping a white boy with dreadlocked hair and confronting him for ‘appropriating her culture’.

SF Weekly has identified the man with the dreadlocks as Cory Goldstein.

Both the woman and Goldstein are San Francisco State University students and the confrontation is believed to have happened on the school’s campus.

In the video another male student, who is also black, defends the woman.

After stopping him to say he’s appropriating a traditionally black hairstyle, she asks her friend if he has a pair of scissors.

‘You’re saying I can’t have a hair style because of your culture. Why?’ asks Goldstein.

‘Because it’s my culture,’ the woman says.

He makes a comment about it ‘being Egyptian’ and he asks her if she’s Egyptian.

She then throws the question back at him asking him if he’s Egyptian before asking over and over ‘Where is Egypt?’

She then creates a physical barrier to prevent him from walking up a stairwell.

‘Yo, stop touching me right now,’ Goldstein tells her.

She then pulls him down the stairs saying, ‘come here’, and tells him not to put his hands on her.


‘I don’t need your disrespect,’ he says as she finally releases her grip.

He then walks away.

The woman then notices



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