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Something HUGE just crashed into planet Jupiter!


Well, this is seriously quite cool. Reports are coming in that a number of amateur astronomers have spotted an asteroid or comet slamming into Jupiter. If confirmed, this would be one of only a handful of recorded impacts ever on the gas giant.

Details are few and far between at the moment. What we know so far, from videos published online, is that there was a rapid brightening on the limb of Jupiter, which likely came from an impact.

John McKeon, one of the astronomers, wrote on Reddit under the username bubbleweed: “Exact time was 00:18:45 UT [on March 17]. If anyone was shooting Jupiter at that time, I recommend looking back through your videos.”

The video of the impact seems to show that it was rather large and bright, with a significant burst shooting into space as the asteroid hit the upper cloud layer. This heavily points to some sort of impact event.

A separate astronomer, Gerrit Kernbauer on YouTube, also captured the event. He wrote: “Thinking back to Shoemaker-Levy 9, my


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