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The child born in to war… then starved to death: Five-month-old baby who only ever knew suffering becomes the latest to die from hunger in war-torn Yemen

  • Pictures show five-month-old baby Udai Faisal just two days before he died
  • Born during bombing campaign on his village on the edge of Sanaa, Yemen
  • Family faced increasing battle against starvation as war gripped the region 

Born in to war and starving to death, these pictures show the shocking condition of a tiny baby two days before he died of malnutrition in Yemen.

Udai Faisal was born five months ago, as warplanes were launching airstrikes on his village, Hazyaz, a shantytown on the southern edge of Sanaa.

But as war devastated the impoverished region, his family were faced with an ever increasing battle against starvation, eating once a day amid soaring food prices and limited supplies.

Udai’s skeletal body finally broke down under the ravages of hunger leaving his limbs looking like twigs, his cheeks sunken and his eyes dry.


He vomited yellow fluid from his nose and mouth. Then he stopped breathing.

‘He didn’t cry and there were no tears, just stiff,’ said his mother, Intissar Hezzam. ‘I screamed and fainted.’

The spread of hunger has been the most horrific consequence of Yemen’s war since Saudi Arabia and its allies, backed by the United States, launched a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade a year ago.

The day Udai was born, warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition were striking an army base used by Houthi rebels in their district. Shrapnel hit their one-floor, one-bedroom house where Udai’s mother was in labor.

‘She was screaming and delivering the baby while the bombardment was rocking the place,’ the father said.

Hezzam was able to breastfeed her


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