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The ISIS prisoners who could be sentenced to death… by INSTAGRAM: Account ‘run by Iraqi soldiers’ lets followers decide whether or not they will execute captured fanatics

  • The Instagram page calls itself ‘IraqiSwat’ and features soldiers in combat
  • It has held votes asking followers if prisoners should live or be killed
  • The posts have been described by campaigners as a ‘war crime’ if genuine
  • Others suggested the soldiers are likely to be Iran-backed Shia militia

A group calling itself ‘Iraqi Swat’ has set up an Instagram account which lets its followers determine the fate of captured ISIS jihadis.

Photographs featuring hogtied prisoners have been posted on the account with captions suggesting viewers have one hour to vote if the prisoner should be executed or allowed to live.

The posts, which have been condemned as a ‘war crime’ if genuine, have been seen by up to 84,000 people who follow the account.


The account bills itself as ‘Iraq Special Operation Forces’, but its posts of soldiers show little in the way of official military insignia.

In one image, posted 12 weeks ago and which is still visible on its ‘backup’ page, it asks: ‘Cut the head of this terrorist or what’ underneath an image of soldiers holding a sword while standing over a prisoner.

But in an apparent escalation of the group’s tactics, a post on Monday showed a group of the soldiers standing over a bloodied prisoner.

Underneath, the caption stated: ‘You can vote for (kill him or let him go). You have one houer [sic] to vote. We will post his fate after one houer [sic].

‘Tag your friends and take your right take your revenge from ISIS right now. Please we don’t have the time just one houer [sic] so tag your friends.’

Another photograph showed a bearded



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