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This Fact About A Brussels Bomber Suspect Will ENRAGE You

Belgian police have detained one of the Muslim men reportedly responsible for the horrific Brussels metro bombings. The man has been identified as Faycal Cheffou. Ironically, Cheffou also happens to be every Leftist’s wet dream: a “migrant rights activist” and faux-journalist.


“Mr. Cheffou was listed as working for a radio station for North African migrants in an article from 2005. He claimed to be a ‘freelance journalist’ who took a special interest in refugees,” reportsBreitbart News. “Last year Brussels Mayor, Yves Mayeur, accused him of trying to recruit jihadists among asylum seekers and migrants living at a refugee centre at Maximilien park near the northern rail station.” Breitbart adds:

According to Belgium paper Le Soir, Mr. Mayeur considered him to be “dangerous” and repeatedly tried without success to have him legally expelled from the centre. Finally, in September, the mayor issued a ban to keep him out of the park.

This morning, the Belgium Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, tweeted a picture of Mr. Cheffou


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