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Chinese special forces use FLAMETHROWER to kill ‘Islamist terrorists’ hiding in cave

The nation said its heavily-armed troops tracked the terrorists “like eagles discovering their prey”


Chinese special forces used a FLAMETHROWER to force a group of suspectedIslamist terrorists from their hiding place and then shot them dead as they came out.

Heavily-armed officers from the nation’s elite fighting force drafted in the fire-spewing weapon after tracking the 10 terror suspects to a cave in western Xinjiang.

The group, who are thought to have been Islamist militants and were part of a mob of 28 the squad killed or arrested, were cowering inside the cave in Aksu, in September, refusing to come out.

According to reports in China, the officers attempted to get the group out by using flash grenades and tear gas but when that failed they called in the flamethrower.

After blasting the cave, the terror suspects are reported to have come running out brandishing knives and running towards


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