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Why hasn’t ISIS attacked Israel?

ISIS has already attacked Europe’s soft underbelly three times; while the terrorist group has repeatedly threatened Israel, it has yet to attack Israelis on Israeli soil; Because of deterrence or perhaps a Mossad conspiracy, ISIS has held off from attacking the Jewish state

Smadar Perry

ISIS will continue to shock Europe for several months to come. There is no room for optimism and no sudden miracle will occur. Pessimists are already saying that Europe is “finished,” for at least the next year, as intelligence comes out of impending attacks on stadiums, cup matches, tourist sites, event halls, restaurants, trains, and airports.

The Pandora’s Box which was opened after the last three terror attacks signals that the Molenbeek suburb of Brussels is the ISIS capital in Europe. Hundreds of young Belgians leave specifically from Molenbeek to ISIS training camps in Iraq and Syria. Yet what is most worrying is the fact that at least 400 were sent back in order to build sleeper cells and to stock up on explosives for attacks.


The leader of ISIS has no problem displaying his target list. At first, he wanted to take over Saudi Arabia and take down the monarchy on his way to capturing the two Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. At the same time, he wanted to launch terror attacks against the “unbelievers,” including the US. However, that part of the plan didn’t succeed because of the diligence of security services in Washington and Riyadh.


Europe, in its complacency, is viewed as an easy target for ISIS. So why doesn’t it attack Israel?


Four months ago, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi threatened that “we have not forgotten Palestine,” flapped his hands in front of the camera, and warned Israelis that “Palestine will be your graveyard.”


Another one of his spokespeople also said, in Hebrew, that not even a single Israeli will remain alive in Jerusalem.


Israel didn’t respond. The two sides seem to be sitting in the back seat of a car in neutral; all they need to do is put the keys in the ignition.


Al-Baghdadi’s goals are to focused on taking over moderate Arab countries, who cooperate with Israel such as Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.


Israeli security experts say that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan understood the terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul as a warning from ISIS for attempting to reconcile with Israel.


In the Arab world, which is addicted to conspiracy theories, there are two main rumors. The first


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