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Another Michigan city on the verge of becoming majority Muslim

As reader’s here know, Hamtramck was the first American city to elect majority Muslim council. After Muslims took over that city they proudly proclaimed (on video)“Today we show the Polish and everybody else.”


Author Ali Harb claims there is no “creeping sharia” in a city that is already 20% “Arab” – because wearing hijabs and needing mosques have nothing to do with Islam – and is expected to be 40% “Arab” within five years. At that rate, in less than ten years it will be majority Muslim so in a sense he is right. Sharia is not creeping in Melvindale, it’s sprinting. h/t Dee via How to Lose Your Country or Melvindale’s Arab Americans settling in well:

MELVINDALE — There is not much going on here. An influx of new Arab residents has largely gone unnoticed.

A mosque was built without opposition. No creeping Sharia, no bigotry, no problems.

It is kind of boring, but the people love it.

The city of 10,000 south of Detroit is becoming a new destination for Arab Americans.

Adnan Alyafai lived in Dearborn with his parents until 2007. When he decided to move out with his wife and children, he found Melvindale to be an ideal location. It is close to the rest of his family. The homes were inexpensive; taxes are low and the neighborhoods are safe.

Soon after, his siblings bought homes in the Downriver community. Alyafai’s move is becoming a common one in the Yemeni community. Around 2,000 Arab Americans, mostly Yemenis, have settled in Melvindale over the past eight years.

Alyafai said Yemeni Americans’ positive role in Melvindale in the past few years demonstrates that the fear of Muslims and immigrants is unwarranted.

He acknowledged that some older residents were skeptical of the newcomers when they first started moving in, but as they came to contact with Arab Americans, their concerns were soothed.

“For example, one of my neighbors looked uncomfortable around us,” he said. “One day, his car got stuck in the driveway. My kids and I helped him shovel the car out. During Christmas time, we buy them gifts. Now the perception has changed. Generally, everyone respects everyone here.”


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