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If You Frequently Have Headaches, Acne or Brittle Nails, You MUST Read This!

In order to function normally, our body needs lots of minerals and vitamins.

Normally, the deficiency of any of these can lead to certain health conditions and problems. However, very often we are not aware of it, so we cannot help our body and prevent any further complications.


Because of the importance of this, we will show you the 5 most common signs of some mineral or vitamin deficiency, that have resulted in other problems with our appearanceorour health:


If you have acne, it might be a sigh of a zinc deficiency. This is due to the fact that zinc colors and brightens our complexion, but is also in charge of the control of the oil production in the skin. You can put different lotions on your face, but why not solve the problem in the root? Eat lots of food that contains large amounts of zinc, such as, almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and peanuts. Your skin will be smoother and healthier.


Sometimes headaches can appear as result of a magnesium deficiency. You can easily solve this problem by eating bananas or cabbage on a regular basis.

Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps can also be a reason of a magnesium deficiency. In order to increase the level of magnesium on your body, you should soak in a hot tub with Epsom salts. It is abundant in magnesium and your skin will absorb it very fast.

Brittle nails and Brittle hair

This is a sign that your body lacks vitamin B7 or Biotin. You should eat more yeast, cheese and peanuts in order to make your hear and nail be healthy again.

Hair loss

If you notice that during combing your hair falls off too much, it is a sign that your body lacks iron. Eat more vegetables with green leafs and red meat….


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