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IRONY: How Hitler’s favourite Nazi commando became a hitman for the Jewish State of Israel

A NOTORIOUS Nazi known as “Adolf Hitler’s favourite commando” became a secret agent for ISRAEL’S spy agency who ASSASSINATED Hitler’s men after the Second World War, it has sensationally been claimed.

Standing at 6ft 4 inches tall, Lt-Col Otto Skorzeny was once described by British and American intelligence as the “most dangerous man in Europe” for his war crimes in the Austrian Nazi party.

Skorzeny, known as “scarface” for the long and distinctive scar on his left cheek, achieved notoriety during the Second World War for rescuing deposed Italian leader Benito Mussolini from an Italian hilltop fortress in 1942.

But it has now emerged he was secretly recruited by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad after the war ended, according to Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper.

He even assassinated a former Nazi rocket scientist in 1962, the newspaper claimed.

Heinz Krug, who worked for Wernher von Braun on the programme to develop the V2 rockets that were used against London in the final stages of the war, disappeared without trace from Munich.

He was working on a missile programme for the Egyptian government at the time.

It has long been suspected he was targeted by Israel – nervous of its then enemy Egypt’s intentions.

In a shocking twist, Krug hired the former SS officer as a bodyguard after fearing for his life because several other scientists had received death threats.

But unbeknown to him, Skorzeny was in fact working as a double agent for the Israelis, the newspaper claims.

The pair drove in to woods north of Munich to


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