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ISRAEL TO THE RESCUE: Brothers separated in Syria and reunited within an Israeli hospital

The two brothers did not see each other since the Syrian Civil War broke out 5 years ago. The two of them were injured and brought to Israel in order to receive medical treatment. Here, they were finally able to reunite with one another.


Three weeks ago, a critically injured man was rushed to the Border Fence in the Golan Heights and Israeli medical teams saved his life. Only illusions within the Middle East could bring about a meeting that he could only dream of.

“Two days ago, Nahariyya accepted another injured man who came to the hospital and the man stated that he met his brother, who was also injured, came to Israel and was hospitalized in Ziv Hospital,” Colonel Dr. Ayalon Glazberg, the commander of the medical team in the IDF Northern Command, stated. “One of the brothers learned about the other one and we did a family reunification between the two brothers that did not see each other in years.”

“I have not seen my brother in 5 years and in the end, I met him in Israel,” Ali stated. “I feared that I would not see him and I would be killed before I saw him. I want him to return to the crossing so that the rest of my family including my mother and other brothers who want to can see him.”

Ali and Naif fought in different fronts and the connection between them was lost for five years. “A shell hit the wall and fell on me,” Naif related. He was hit by shrapnel and was forced to undergo an operation. From where they came and against whom they fought, they refuse to state. For


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