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At least 50 ISIS sympathisers WORK at Brussels airport, police claim

AT least 50 Islamic State (ISIS) sympathisers work at Zaventem airport in Brussels, a scathing open letter by airport police blasting its poor security has claimed.


The employees at the airport in the Belgian capital, which was the target of a deadly attack claimed by ISIS last week, have been identified as supporters of the evil terror group.

Some of the terrorist sympathisers even have security passes which can get them into aircraft cockpits.

The shocking open letter, written by Zaventem airport police officers, comes just over a week after 32 people were killed in twin bombings at the airport and a metro station in the centre of Brussels.

Officers also claim certain people who are suspected of having fought in Syria came to the airport as “fake tourists” to test the airport’s security to plan the deadly attack which killed 14 people.

Airport police officers wrote: “Certain people suspected of having fought in Syria have come to the airport posing as ‘fake tourists’ . We have flagged up their presence but we don’t know if anything was done with this information.”

The letter added that it “was clear scouts had been sent to determine the level of security in order to plan the [Brussels] attacks.”

Officers said they were “surprised on numerous occasions” because the suspects were rarely those “with a long history of radical beliefs or extremism”.

In its most shocking revelation, the open letter said: “Even today, there are at least 50 ISIS sympathisers working in the airport. They have a security pass and can access airplane cockpits.

“In the past, certain people’s security passes have been confiscated but, obviously, not everyone’s.

“The suspects are mainly shop assistants, cleaners and baggage handlers.”

Vincent Gilles, president of the largest police union in Belgium, said in a television interview that “quite a few airport workers had praised the Paris attacks”.

Mr Gilles also spoke about systematic


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