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Greece Closes Border To Macedonia, Muslim Refugees Nearby Set Themselves On Fire In Protest


Setting yourself on fire is never a smart idea. Ever. Not only does this seldom get you what you want, but often times it gets you severe burns, maybe even skin grafts, and a lot of unusable clothing. It is also a good way to make yourself not liked, since most people don’t like hanging out with people who set themselves on fire. However, given that Merkel and the BBC see these “refugees” as the future “doctors and scientists” of  Europe, perhaps they know something which we do not.

I wonder, will these “refugees” who did this then ask for new clothes, and medical treatment to cover the damage of their actions?

From the UK Sun:

REFUGEES have set themselves on fire in protest at the decision to shut the Greek-Macedonian border.

Hundreds trapped in a makeshift camp organised a mass demo in Idomeni, Greece at the controversial move.

The UN’s refugee agency has today accused Greece of turning migrant centres into “detention centres”.

It follows a new a deal to between the EU and Turkey to send back asylum seekers with no legitimate claims..

The changes started on Sunday but it has not stopped nearly 1,000 migrants and refugees from crossing the Med.

The UNHCR said in a statement today: “Under


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