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Poised to kill, is this the face of ISIS’s terrifying 20st ‘Bulldozer’ executioner? Speculation mounts after hulking butcher is seen beheading three Peshmerga prisoners

  • The ‘Bulldozer’ was photographed carrying out executions in Mosul
  • Speculation mounts that the new video shows the Bulldozer without his mask
  • Prisoners in orange jumpsuits at his mercy are thought to be Kurdish

A bearded Islamic State militant towers over kneeling prisoners before beheading them in the middle of a busy street in Iraq.

His bulk led to speculation that he might be the 20-stone monster known only as the Bulldozer who is one of the terror group’s bloodiest executioners. But the Bulldozer has never been known to show his face on camera unlike this extremist who made no attempt to hide his identity.

He is thought to be of Kurdish origin as are the men in orange jumpsuits at his mercy.

Before slitting their throats and then beheading them he rants to the camera, threatening both the Kurdish Peshmerga forces attacking IS and the Kurdish president Masoud Barzani.

A third man was executed in the same way before the killer paraded the head of one of his victims around.

The Bulldozer has beheaded men and severed the limbs of children. One 14-year-old Syrian boy called Omar has told how the extremist – a towering



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