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Trump Nails It Again! Hundreds Of Refugees Are BUSTED With THIS On Their Phones

Trump for whatever reason seems to have an “uncanny ability” to always be few steps ahead of his rivals.


He was the first candidate to make the immigration issue a big part of his campaign theme, followed by his promise to “build the wall”, then he mentioned our trade defect, and the millions of jobs being outsourced, and American industries bailing out to more tax friendly nations, and of course those issues have resonated big time with the voters.


Then he mentioned ISIS flags on cell-phones, and I like most Americans scratched our heads quizzically and perhaps asked ourselves “is that a real issue?”

And bingo “The Donald” is once again a few steps ahead, as authorities have just discovered hundreds images of ISIS flags and severed heads on the cell phones of asylum seekers crossing into Norway, highlighting concerns about terrorists exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate Jihadists into Europe.

According to the report, after searching luggage and mobile phones belonging to migrants, police have logged “hundreds” of examples


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