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UMMMM, WHAT: Muslim Immigrants MUST sign contract to say that they will RESPECT law

A NEW law will make it compulsory for immigrants to sign a commitment to respect the rights, duties and freedoms in Belgian society, it emerged today.


The Belgian federal Government has approved this proposal by migration minister, Theo Francken.

This law will be for non-EU foreigners who wish to stay in Belgium for more than three months.

This legislation comes following the horrifying attacks earlier this month in Brussels where sick terrorists killed 31 people and injured 300 more.

The immigrants will receive a statement in their own language and they will have 30 days to sign it.

The law will try and ensure that immigrants want to integrate into Belgian society, learn the language and find work.

Mr Francken said: “I always wanted a link between the right to stay and an obligation to integrate. I think that it is vital in developing an efficient system of immigration.

“It is not a moralistic statement, nor one that is stigmatising, it is clear and fair.”

If immigrants refuse to sign this law, they may not be able to get a residency permit for Belgium.

Mr Francken tweeted the declaration on Thursday morning.

He said: “Here is the declaration for newcomers from the federal Government #integration #values.”



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