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Watch what happens when a nuke is detonated UNDERGROUND: Video shows the explosion swallowing the earth above it

  • Video shows a subsidence crater formed by an underground explosion
  • An explosion underneath the surface makes a bigger hole than above 
  • If the explosive is shallow, the crater becomes deeper and wider

When an atomic bomb goes off above ground, it produces a plume of smoke visible from miles around but a relatively small crater in the ground.

But when a nuclear explosion starts underneath the surface, the hole created spreads and swallows everything in its wake.

Now a mesmerising, if a little unnerving, video shows structures, plants and mud being sucked into the earth when a nuke is detonated underground.


After the bomb is set off, the ground appears to be swallowed at first, before plumes of dust and dirt shoot into the air.

This is because the roof of the cavity caused by the explosion collapses, which causes the surface to depress and sink in an unexpected way.

The video from Atom Central does not reveal where the footage was captured.

But it is likely to be one of 828 underground tests performed at the Nevada Test Site.

The site is a US Department of Energy reservation located in Nevada, about 65 miles (105 km)  northwest of the city of Las Vegas.

The site was established on 11 January 1951 for the testing of nuclear devices, covering approximately 1,360 square miles (3,500 square km) of desert and mountainous terrain.

Nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site began with a 1-kiloton-of-TNT bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat on 27 January 1951.

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