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ALERT: Air Force Warns of Massive Attack on US. This Could Send Us to the Dark Ages


ALERT: Air Force Warns of Massive Terror Attack. This Could Send Us to the Dark Ages

A horrific terror attack is in the planning that could destroy the United States as we know it and make us into a 3rd world country overnight.

“Experts have suggested that North Korea, for example, is testing missiles to launch a nuclear weapon from a ship off the U.S. coast into the atmosphere where an explosion could shut off electricity for months through an atmospheric EMP explosion,” Washington Examiner reports.

The Air Force briefing raised concerns over “aging infrastructure,” a “growing number of cyber attacks” on the grid, “coordinated physical attacks on key grid components” and “risks from state and non-state actors,” Paul Bedard at the Examiner reports.

The report also discussed the concerning amount of natural disasters affecting the grid including a “pattern of increasingly extreme


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