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BOOM: Watch All Hell Break Loose When Pastor Drops a BOMB on Muslim Imam About Muhammad

Joining Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity this week, Pastor Robert Jeffress and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi battled out the differences between the believers and doctrines of their respective religion.

Right from the get-go, Elahi aligned with President Obama’s left-wing talking points: “Please stop saying radical Islam. It is either radical or Islam, but can’t be both. Islamic radicalism is a big lie.”

Asked by Hannity if “radical Islam” was in fact a threat to the U.S., Elahi quickly answered and moved to his talking points.

“Yes, ISIS is evil,” said Elahi. “Islam is not evil. Evil is ignorance. Evil is injustice. Evil is prejudice. Evil is racism.” The definition of evil he gave was rather fascinating — he put the blame on the entire audience for not knowing that Islam is a religion of peace, even though it’s inherently not.

Echoing Obama’s declaration that “ISIS is not Islamic,” Elahi again rejected any claim that Islamic terrorism draws inspiration from Islamic doctrine.

“Radical Islamists are evil, because they are


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