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Mayor Of Brussels Says That The Way To Stop Muslim Terrorism Is With Bringing In More Muslims


Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur

When Europeans say “multicultural” or “diversity,” you can simply replace the terms with “anti-Christian” and “Muslim” to find out what is really being said.

Muslims caused the Brussels attacks. They caused the mass rapes in Germany and many other countries throughout Europe. They are the reason why the streets of major Western European cities are no longer safe to walk during the day, let alone at night. And what do the European  politicians say the answer to the Muslim invasion is?

MOAR MUSLIMS! (spelling intentional)

It’s like saying the solution to poverty is more debt.

There used to be a normal in European society. It was called Christendom. Ever since Europe abandoned God and took up with idols in different form of nationalism, political theories, and philosophies, it has continued to decline. Only when Europe returns to the Faith which bore it will they recover, and if they do not, they will perish.

Via Euronews:

“There is no more normal,” Mayeur warned. “This is a concept that needs to be redefined. We are in a different era and we need to live in this dimension


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