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SCUM OF THE SCUM: The Top 15 worst Nazis


The Third Reich, which lasted from 1933 to 1945, was one of the most, if not the evilest regime in history.

It attracted some of the most wicked characters who, given unprecedented power over life and death, made the killing of millions of people into state policy.

Some of the most infamous and evil Nazis that were responsible for the Holocaust include:


Josef Kramer, on the right after being captured.
In December 1944, Kramer was transferred from Birkenau to Bergen-Belsen. Belsen had originally served as a temporary camp for those leaving Germany, but during the war had been expanded to serve as a convalescent depot for the ill and displaced people from across northwest Europe. Although it had no gas chambers, Kramer’s rule was so harsh that he became known as the “Beast of Belsen.”

With the collapse of administration and many guards fleeing to escape retribution, roll calls were stopped, and the inmates were left to their own devices. Corpses rotted everywhere, and rats attacked the living too weak to fight them off.

Kramer remained even when the British arrived to liberate the camp, and took them on a tour of the camp to inspect the “scenes”. Piles of corpses lay all over the camp; mass graves were filled in, and the huts were filled with prisoners in every stage of emaciation and disease.

He was convicted after the war and hanged in Hameln prison.


In 1937, she came to Buchenwald when her husband was made Commandant. While at Buchenwald, Koch engaged in a gruesome experiment when she ordered selected tattooed prisoners to be murdered and skinned to retrieve the parts of their tattooed bodies.

Ilse Koch remained at Buchenwald until 24 August 1943.

She was arrested after the war and sentenced to life in prison. She committed suicide in 1967 by hanging herself.

Goring was a veteran of World War I and was the head of the Luftwaffe and founder of the Gestapo. He stole millions of dollars worth of Jewish art and amassed a personal fortune. He took part in the beer hall putsch in 1923. After being shot in the groin, he became addicted to morphine.

After helping Adolf Hitler take power in 1933, he became the second-most powerful man in Germany. He founded the Gestapo in 1933 but later gave command of it to Heinrich Himmler.

In July 1941, Göring issued a memo to Reinhard Heydrich ordering him to organize the practical details of a solution to the “Jewish Question”. By the time that this letter was written, many Jews and others had already been killed in Poland, Russia, and elsewhere. At the Wannsee Conference, held six months later, Heydrich formally announced that genocide of the Jews of Europe was now official Reich policy. Göring did not attend the conference, but he was present at other meetings where the number of people killed was discussed.

Goring was the highest ranking defendant at the Nuremberg trials and was sentenced to hang. However, he committed suicide by taking cyanide the night before his hanging.


Goebbels was known for his public speaking and deep and virulent antisemitism, which led to his supporting the extermination of the Jews in the Holocaust.

After the Nazi Seizure of Power in 1933, Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry quickly gained and exerted controlling supervision over the news media, arts, and information in Germany. He was particularly adept at using the relatively new media of radio and film for propaganda purposes. Topics for party propaganda included antisemitism, attacks of the Christian churches, and attempting to shape morale.

As the war drew to a close and Nazi Germany faced defeat, Magda Goebbels and the Goebbels children joined him in Berlin. They moved into the underground Vorbunker, part of Hitler’s underground bunker complex, on 22 April 1945. Hitler committed suicide on 30 April. In accordance with Hitler’s will, Goebbels succeeded him as Chancellor of Germany; he served one day in this post. The following day, Goebbels and his wife committed suicide, after poisoning their six children.


Eichmann was mainly in charge of organizing the mass deportation of the Jews from all countries. He made sure they were all put into the ghettos and concentration camps. He was made a lieutenant colonel in the SS. Although the Jews had heard of Eichmann and the horrors he could carry out, he learned Hebrew to manipulate the Jews into an agreement to the mass deportations.

After World War II, he fled from Germany to Austria, and from there he fled to Argentina. However, he was captured in 1960 by an Israeli spy who worked for the Mossad. He was taken to Israel and executed by hanging in 1962 after a major, publicized trial.


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