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SHOCKING: There are OVER 900 Muslim ‘NO-GO ZONES’ in Europe…AND GROWING

  • Hungary claims Europe has 900 areas where authorities have ‘no control’
  • It said these areas ‘with a high number of immigrants’ are also in London
  • The government made the claims on a website opposing EU quota system
  • It said the ‘norms of the host society barely prevail’ in these ‘no go’ areas

European cities including London are riven by lawless ‘no-go’ areas as a result of high migration, Hungary’s government has claimed.

The British capital is named alongside cities such as Paris, Stockholm and Berlin as home to ‘more than 900’ areas where the authorities have ‘little or no control’.

The extraordinary allegations are made on an official website aimed at hardening local opposition to an EU scheme to enforce a refugee resettlement quota on all member states.


Such quotas ‘increase the terrorist threat’ and ‘threaten the culture’ of host nations, it is claimed.

Hungary’s government has been among the most outspoken in its opposition and anger at the worsening migrant crisis.

But critics last night branded the claims of no-go areas as ‘wild’ and ‘unsubstantiated’.

The site was launched this week ahead of a referendum in Hungary on the EU plan that would see 160,000 migrants relocated across the continent.

It features a ticking clock representing a migrant entering Europe every 12 seconds.

The website claims: ‘The mandatory European quotas increase the terrorist risk in Europe and imperils our culture.’

It states: ‘Illegal immigrants cross the borders unchecked, so we do not know who they are and what their intentions are. We do not know how many of them are disguised terrorists.’

Hungary claims that in areas ‘with a high number of immigrants’, the ‘norms of the host society barely prevail’. Officials also suggest that authorities in the affected regions – including London – have ‘no control’ over their residents.

They lambast plans to force every member state to accept a set number of migrants as increasing the risk of terror attacks and making European countries more unsafe.

Last night UK politicians dismissed the claims about Britain as ‘wild’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ – but admitted warnings that the flow of migrants increased the terror risk in Europe were correct.

The claims follow those of US candidate Donald Trump, who sparked


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