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New York Liberals Push For New Muslim Neighbors… Then They Get A Brutal Wake Up Call


Liberal New Yorkers were in favor of bringing in more Muslims, until they were jerked from their sleep by their favorite religious minority.

Liberal New Yorkers have been pushing for open borders and demanding more Muslim refugees be allowed into the U.S., labeling anyone who disagrees as “racist” and “Islamophobic.” However, now that their community has been graced with a growing Muslim population, they recently discovered that the noise coming from next door may have signaled that they’ve made a huge mistake.

The very first objective of Muslim migrants is to establish a mosque in their new home, regardless of whether or not their gracious hosts are plagued by their obstructive and too often intrusive eye-sore. Under the umbrella of Western tolerance and freedom, residents find that the courtesy is not returned. Now that the Islamic minority has its foot in the door, however, complaining of their disrespect and outright religious supremacy will only backfire in the most karmic way.

The Gothamist reports that hundreds of residents near the border of Queens and Brooklyn are complaining that the Masjid-al-Amana is “too, too noisy,” citing the raucous azan that blasts from the mosque’s speakers 5 times a day. Beginning at the break of dawn, the Islamic call to prayer jerks the community


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