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Obama: Under His Administration, Nuclear Material Is Now ‘Harder’ To Obtain For Terrorists


From: Breitbart

President Obama stated that “Because of the progress we made this week, and over recent years, more of the world’s nuclear material is secure. It’s harder for terrorists to get it” and that ISIS is “lashing out” as it’s “squeezed in Syria and Iraq” during Saturday’s Weekly Address.

Transcript as Follows:

“Hi, everybody. This week, I’m speaking to you from our Nuclear Security Summit. I welcomed more than 50 leaders from around the world to make sure we’re working together to meet one of the greatest threats to global security—terrorists getting their hands on a weapon of mass destruction, like a nuclear weapon.

Fortunately, because of our efforts so far, no terrorist group has yet succeeded in obtaining a nuclear device or producing a dirty bomb using radioactive materials. But we know that al Qaeda has tried. ISIL has already used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. And if they ever got hold of a nuclear weapon or nuclear material, we have no doubt they’d use it.

That’s why we’ve been leading a global effort to secure the world’s nuclear materials. And with summits like this, we’ve made important progress. Working with other nations, we have removed


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