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Protectors of Nordic women, The Soldiers of Odin, involved in mass brawl in Sweden with Muslim immigrants


A person, who according to the police belongs to the Soldiers of Odin, was taken to hospital after a clash in Gothenburg tonight, reports the Swedish newspaper Gøteborgs-Posten.

The circumstances of the fight are still unclear, but according to the police, a group of people with the Soldiers of the Odin logo on their jackets were crossing the street on the way to Masthuggs square at one o’clock Saturday night.

– We do not know if they were there to patrol or if they just moved from point A to point B, says Christer Fuxborg, police spokesman.

Soldiers of Odin is a network that has taken the role of a so-called vigilante group, after numerous sexual attacks of women by Muslim immigrants in the Nordic countries.

At the restaurant-dense street, the group attracted the attention of people who were there and then began to follow them.

– As I have understood some became curious and joined the group that followed them. It all ended with a large brawl at the Masthuggs square, says Christer Fuxborg.

When police arrived at two o’clock it was a very crowded place and very messy.

– There have been many testimonies and it is difficult to sort out what has caused the fight. There are always conflicting evidence in this type of situation, he says.

According to an eyewitness, weapons in the form of batons and pepper spray have been used. Christer Fuxborg can not confirm this but says that a person has been taken to hospital after receiving something in an eye.

The injured person, according to police, is a member of Soldiers of Odin.

How many people were involved in the altercation is unclear. The police have received conflicting information, ranging from ten to 40-50 people.

– It is very difficult to sort out. Many disappeared from the scene before we arrived, says Christer Fuxborg.

The police has received complaints of ill-treatment from five people – mainly members of the Soldiers of Odin.

No one has been arrested.

Unrest also in Uppsala

There was also unrest in Uppsala during the


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