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This Carrot Juice Will Give You the Long Wanted Perfect Tan in a Glamorous Summer

Carrot juice

What we associate with summer is certainly the perfect bronze tan every woman who more or less wants and that would compensate for their beauty in the hot summer days. There are many products that you can hide the possible problems of the skin.

But do not forget that there are many natural products that contribute to a beautiful and equate skin. Certainly the most deserving are fruits and vegetables, especially those with intense colors, including carrot and plum, and these fruits give a darker complexion.

Why Carrots Will Give you The Perfect Tan?

Carrot is most effective when it comes to a nice and perfect tan. It is rich in beta – carotene and vitamin A, which encourages the creation of melanin that affects the tanning of the skin.

This vegetable is convenient because you can take it on the beach. Beta carotene is a widespread plant pigment, which is not only present in carrots, but also


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