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by Y.K.Cherson


Ben Gurion airport in Israel is the safest  airport in the world. But when you visit it, you will not see armed men around. The airport looks so calm and  defenceless…

But it´s only an illusion.

The norm of the Israeli security system in Ben Gurion airport is: any terrorist  who  will be insane enough to  draw a gun will not live more than 10 seconds. Moreover, he will not even understand, who or what killed him.

Terrorist attacks in Brussels airport left Israeli experts speechless. What struck them most was an absolute and complete unporofessionalism and incompetence of the European security services.

By Israeli standards, the level of the readiness of security in European airports to deal with a terrorist attack is not just low; it´s, actually, “zero”.

In Ben Gurion, the measures of security are so strict that human right activists weekly groan: it´s  not democratic, we have rights… But, rights or not, the last terrorist attack in Ben Gurion airport happened in May of 1972. After that, in spite of numerous attempts, Arab terrorists could not even approach it.

The principal difference with European and American approach is that Israelis place the Right for  Life above any other rights, and do not hesitate to profile passengers.  However, the passengers do not have to take off shoes, and nobody confiscates their bottles of water. And those long talks with Security officers (mostly young and attractive girls) do not pursue the goal of  checking you; they are  just a part of profiling. These girls who ask you  simple but multiple  questions do  not have a goal to clear out something. They just look at your reaction and your behaviour- and  decide, if you should be thoroughly checked- or not. Putting it in a simple way: a European-looking woman with two children  will not be checked  and questioned so thoroughly as a woman in hijab witout children. The argument in favor of such an approach is simple: not all Muslims are terroroists- but 94% of the terrorist attacks in the world have been committed by Muslims.

If the girl has a slightest doubt, she will invite a superior officer- and there will be a second round of questions, and most probably, your luggage will be inspected. If there are still doubts,  there will also be a third round, a fourth… Or you will be politely invited to proceed to a specially equipped room for an interrogation.

Trainings of the Security officers in Ben Gurion are daily, and in the course of these trainings, the officers learn to act in any possible and impossible situation: flood, fire, earthquake,  individual terrorist attack,  group terrorist attack….Anything. Every day, for hours. Israelis joke that  Security officers in Ben


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