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Dr. Ruth, The Famous Sex Therapist, Was Once A Sniper In The Israeli Army!


As fascinating as that might be, Dr. Ruth’s military career was cut short on her 20th birthday when a bomb exploded at the barracks in which she was staying.  Fortunate to survive, the bomb blast did blow off part of her foot leading to months of painful recovery before she was able to walk again.

And while Dr. Ruth admits she never had to utilize her sniping ability in combat, she played her role in the establishment of the Jewish State long before she would establish her preeminence as America’s sex therapist.

The Future

A fascinating life that would begin in one of the most horrific of world events.  From this point forward, Dr. Ruth would go on to become the lovable, short, quirky sex therapist the world has come to know.  After being injured in the


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