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‘End this Muslim migrant madness now, Merkel!’ Fuming German MP demands POLICE are sent to border

ONE of Angela Merkel’s most senior ministers tonight tore into his leader’s open door asylum policy as he urged her to end the migrant madness by sending police to the border.



In a stunning attack Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt branded her decision to roll out the red carpet to migrants an abject failure and blasted  government inaction which has left Germany relying on its neighbours to stem the tide of people.

The scathing rebuke comes as Mrs Merkel’s grip on power grows ever weaker, with rebellion growing across the country against her controversial immigration policies.

She has consistently berated other EU states for introducing border controls to bring the migrant flow under control, ever since she made a pledge last summer to welcome all Syrians with open arms.

But tonight Mr Dobrindt said it was time for the chancellor to admit that policy has been a disaster, insisting that Germany cannot persist in offering an “unconditional welcome” to migrants from across the world.

He also called on Mrs Merkel to dispatch police to the Alps to help Austrian police shore up mountain passes between northern Europe and Italy.

Mr Dobrindt, a member of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) which has been savagely critical of the German leader’s open door asylum policy, told the Muenchner Merkur paper: “Germany could contribute and support Austrian efforts at the Brenner (Pass) with manpower.

“Germany can not rely on our neighbours to get it right. We need to show that we are ready and able ourselves.”

He added: “Germany must send to the world a signal that there is not a culture of unconditional welcome here.

“It would be wrong to let the refugees hope they could still make their way to us. Those who are looking for a better life should not be allowed to easily come to Germany.”

His comments fly in the face of the rhetoric from Mrs Merkel, who


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