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Shocking moment crowd of people are engulfed in flames after crashed fuel tanker erupts in a fireball as they try to steal fuel from it in Egypt

  • Fuel tanker overturned on street in Egypt and began leaking gasoline
  • Several people bring buckets to steal the fuel leaking from the tanker
  • Seconds later, the gasoline ignites, engulfing the crowd in flames

Several people have been injured when a crashed fuel tanker turned an Egyptian street into a sea of flames.

The tanker had flipped over on its side for an unknown reason, and had started leaking gasoline from its roof.

A number of opportunistic men brought buckets and containers to cash in on the accident, a broad daylight thievery they were soon made to regret.


A video from the incident shows several people running up to the overturned fuel tanker, trying to collect as much gasoline as they can carry.

Another recording, filmed from a nearby house overlooking the scene, shows the small crowd growing as word spreads of the fuel free-for-all.

Moments later, the fuel and fumes ignite, with both gasoline thieves and onlookers engulfed in flames.



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