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Holiday destinations to avoid TERROR: Safest places to enjoy time off abroad

AFTER experiencing a horrifying spate of terror attacks, where is safe for Brits to holiday?


The world has been rocked by a series of terror attacks recently. From the city of Paris to the beaches of Tunisia. Now, many British tourists are questioning whether it’s safe to return to once beloved holiday hotspots.

Egypt was once a hotbed for British holidaymakers. But in November, a homemade bomb brought down a Russian plane over Egypt’s Sinai desert.

Thousands of British tourists were left stranded in Sharm in the weeks following and planes are still not travelling to and from the airport of Sharm until November at the earliest. 

Once popular resorts in Egypt have become virtual ghosts towns as a result.

So where are the best places to holiday to avoid terror? spoke to Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch Frank Brehany about what are considered to be the safest spots around the world.

Switzerland: The country has a tradition of neutrality, widespread bunkers and a heavily armed army

Frank says: “Castles, mountainous train trips & clean air are just some of the many benefits on offer. 

“But whilst the Country is stable, the UK Foreign Office warns that there may be ‘indiscriminate terror’ attacks, but the country is considered to be low risk from such activity.”

New Zealand: One of the most secluded, yet developed nations in the world. New Zealand has a stable democracy and is not involved in any major world conflicts.

Frank says: “Think Lord of The Rings and you will realise the scenic wonders that await you! Interestingly, the UK Foreign Office have reduced


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