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‘If he had an explosive belt I could be dead right now’…hero IDF soldier explains in court why he shot terrorist in head

Soldier who shot wounded terrorist finally testifies to military court, emphasizes the ‘split second’ decisions made in the field.

By Uzi Baruch


A military court has heard testimony for the first time from the soldier who shot dead a wounded terrorist in Hevron, sparking an ongoing controversy and triggering a manslaughter suit against him.

Defense Attorney Eyal Baserglick presented the testimony on behalf of the soldier, who remains under arrest on base pending the verdict.

In his statement the soldier, whose identity is the subject of a gag-order, reiterated his claim that he only shot the terrorist because he feared he had a bomb concealed under his coat.

Prosecutors claim, however, that the terrorist posed no threat – having¬†been shot and severely wounded after stabbing another soldier – and that the accused merely shot him to “confirm the kill” against army regulations.

Not so, the soldier insisted.

“I wouldn’t just shoot at him (for no reason) – only if I felt a real threat,” the soldier said. “I saw him moving his hand and his head – I didn’t just fire.”

In footage from the event released – and heavily edited – by the far-left NGO B’Tselem, the terrorist can indeed be seen moving before the soldier cocks his weapon and fires, striking him in the head and killing him.

He further noted on the difficult emotional and psychological conditions under which soldiers operate, and urged the court to take that into consideration.

“My hands were covered with the blood


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