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Missing migrants scandal: Now Merkel loses track of HALF A MILLION refugees

HALF a million refugees who have arrived into Germany in the past 18 months have failed to register with authorities, it has been revealed.


Officials conclude the missing are either working on the black market or involved in the criminal underworld, as no registration means no benefits.

The shocking state of affairs has left officials deeply worried and the concerns are to be discussed at a cabinet meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel tomorrow.

An interior ministry spokesman said: ”Many migrants do not register because of a fear that they may be sent back.”

The Federal Criminal Police office (BKA) will present a report entitled “overview on the situation” to Merkel and her lieutenants about the huge numbers of asylum seekers who have vanished off the radar.

The BKA, which collated the numbers, will report also that crime by immigrants is mostly committed by refugees from Balkan countries – Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans “barely feature in the crime statistics,” according to a spokesman.

The BKA has also completed an overview of the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when bands of immigrant men, mostly asylum seekers from North Africa, sexually molested and robbed hundreds of women in and


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