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Muslim ‘refugees’ are now being flown into Europeon commercial airlines with taxpayer money…and hardly anyone knows about it

The first two airplanes with fake refugees, flown directly into Germany from Turkey in terms of the European Union “asylum deal,” arrived this morning in Hannover.

The two airplanes, paid for by EU taxpayers, unloaded at least 35 invaders directly onto European soil—and are the first of many to come.


The airplanes—all commercial airliners (in this morning’s case, two Turkish airlines flights)—mean that the EU taxpayers are paying conventionally priced air tickets to directly import the completely bogus refugees directly into the heart of Europe.

As pointed out earlier, the “deal” with Turkey proves that there is no genuine need for these “refugees” to come to Europe in the first place.

This is because the “deal” states all “refugees” currently in Greece are to be sent back to Turkey for “processing.”

If Turkey were not a “safe” country to begin with, they would never be sent back there—showing that none of them, even the ones who do come from Syria, are actually fleeing an “unsafe” country.

All international conventions on asylum state that refugees have the right to flee a country in which their lives are in danger.

Clearly, their lives are not in danger in Turkey, and the entire “asylum in Europe” program is a hoax with only one purpose: to import as many nonwhites as possible into Europe.

The first flight in contained sixteen “Syrians” who were then


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