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Russian Forces Massacre One Hundred Muslim Terrorists In Major Battle


Russian forces in Palmyra, Syria, massacred one hundred Muslim terrorists in a major battle. As we read in one report:

Syrian government forces aided by allied militia units have advanced further into the ancient city of Palmyra with heavy support from Russian airstrikes that killed 100 Islamic State militants over the past 24 hours.

Russian warplanes continued providing crucial support to Syrian forces in their offensive to recapture the Syrian city of Palmyra, a UNESCO Heritage Site, as they carried out 158 airstrikes hitting terrorist targets in and around the city. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, more than 100 extremists were killed in the bombardment, along with several pieces of heavy equipment.

“Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out 40 sorties in the Palmyra region,” a statement published on the Defense Ministry’s official website read, adding that “as a result … four tanks, three artillery pieces, four ammunition depots, and five vehicles were destroyed.”

In recent days, the Syrian army and allied militias have been advancing into Palmyra in an effort to retake it from the jihadists. They have already taken full control over several of the city’s districts, breaching Islamic State’s (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) last line of defense. Fierce clashes are still taking place throughout the city, however, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.

The army also launched intensive military operations in the area’s southern orchards, and is nearing Palmyra’s airport in the eastern part of the city.

Syrian governmental forces seized medieval Palmyra Castle on Thursday, taking control of the high point overlooking the city.

“Our heroic forces are continuing to advance until we liberate every inch of this pure land,” a soldier told state-run television in a broadcast from the slopes of the citadel, as quoted by Reuters.

Earlier on Friday, an army unit in cooperation with popular defense groups dislodged Islamic State from the Syriatel hill near Palmyra Castle, a military source told SANA.

On March 14, Russia announced that it was withdrawing the majority of its forces from Syria, as the five-month operation nears its goals. At the same time, Deputy Defense Minister Nikolay Pankov stressed that Russia’s remaining air contingent is still tasked with hitting terrorist targets, as it is “early to talk about victory over terrorism.”

Palmyra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, formerly known as home to some of the best-preserved monuments of antiquity anywhere in the world.

After capturing the historical landmark, the jihadists blew up the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel and the Arch of Triumph, while also using Palmyra’s Roman-era amphitheater for filmed public executions.

Regaining control over Palmyra will allow Syrian governmental forces to advance into the eastern part of the country to liberate the city of Deir ez-Zohr, which has been besieged by Islamic State terrorists since May of 2015, as well as to launch an offensive against the group’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa.

The Christian world is under attack and it is being flooded by both heretic and pagan, Muslim and infiltrator. Even in Mexico, where the Catholic Faith once flourished, Satan is making his onslaught and conquering the souls of the people.

The nations of the West have been quite weak with their borders in so many disturbing ways. The US, for example, makes it difficult for good people to enter the borders, but easy for evil people to get through the borders. We have Mexican cartel agents entering with ease into the US. Look at what evils they are doing in their own country!

I would greatly encourage you to watch my interview with Jorge Vazquez Valencia, the official spokesperson for a self-defense militia fighting the cartels, on the diabolical and very brutal atrocities being committed by the cartels in Mexico:

The Mexican drug cartel in the state of Guerrero entered a village — consisting of Catholic Christians — and ordered everyone to leave. When the local people refused the cartel took a fourteen year old boy, and before the entire village ritually cut out the heart  and presented the heart to everyone in the village in a pagan ritual. They then declared that if everyone did not leave the village, that they would take all the women and decapitate them all. To discuss this satanic violence that is flooding all of Mexico, I interviewed Jorge Vazquez Valencia, the official spokesperson of the Autodefensas, a self-defense group that has been fighting the cartel in gun battles that I believe are eventually going to escalate into a full out civil war:

This event is very significant in the story of Mexico: the nation is being drowned under a flood of a restoration of paganism, and an almost total deconstruction of Christianity. It was not always this way in Mexico. This is not the Mexico of my mother’s time, nor of my grandmother’s time. This is something that has not been seen since the conquest of Mexico by Catholic Spain. This is not mere murder or drug dealing, this is an evil of a much more ancient nature.

Mexico is quite a surreal place. It is a traditionally Catholic country, while at the same time being reconquered by satanic movements. Mexico is a continuation of Christendom, and for us who care about our Christian heritage, it is imperative for us to observe Mexico and see how its history, from its beginnings to now, is a perpetual war between Catholic and anti-Catholic, that is occurring now in its most fiercest state ever.

The fact that now a drug cartel is dominating an entire region of Mexico, and committing pagan ritualistic heart-plucking,  signifies a very intense and sudden return to the pagan horror that once dominated the entire nation. I don’t believe that this sort of violence was even being perpetrated by the Calles government in the 1920s, against which the valiant Cristeros rose above and fought. The Calles regime was brutal and demonic, yes, but I don’t believe that it rose to the pagan aspirations of the cartels today.  Today the entire government of Mexico is a narco state. The biggest cartel in Mexico is the Mexican government. The cartel that cut out this boy’s heart was the Guerreros Unidos (which means “United Warriors”), and it is very known that they receive massive amounts of support from the Mexican government. In 2014, forty three students, while on their way to Iguala to participate in a protest against the government, were arrested by the Mexican government authorities who then handed them over to the Guerreros Unidos, who subsequently slaughtered all of the students. This story further revealed the government’s mass facilitating and enabling of cartel violence.

This Guerreros Unidos cartel is not just in Mexico, but operates in the United States. According to one report:

Guerreros Unidos is no longer a drug cartel that operates in Guerrero only; eight of its members are being prosecuted in the United States.

Dennis Wichern, Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), said that the criminal organization is considered one of the largest drug distributors in Midwestern United States.

The defendants mentioned in the criminal complaint filed at the Eastern division of the Northern District Court of Illinois are Pablo Vega Cuevas, Arturo Martínez, Alexander Figueroa, Eliseo Betancourt-Pereira, Wiflredo Flores Santos, Roberto Sánchez, José Rodríguez and Isaías Mandujano.

According to the complaint, Pablo Vega Cuevas was “the leader of the Chicago cell of the Guerreros Unidos drug trafficking organization in Mexico. Vega worked with various narcotics sources in Mexico to import wholesale amounts of heroin and cocaine from Mexico to Illinois and coordinated the distribution of heroin and cocaine and the collection of narcotics proceeds in the Chicago area on behalf of Guerreros Unidos.”

The entire Mexican government is a satanic cult, with politicians involved in heresies and numerous forms of occultism.  The Aztecs once ruled Mexico, and then Christendom took the land for the glory of God; but now, Mexico has been reconquered by pagan forces. Back in the day the pagan rulers were distinguished by their primitive clothing, and today they masquerade their ancient diabolism with suites and conniving diplomacy.   The socialist PRI or the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the most powerful of the political parties, is substantially involved in the major Oneness Pentecostal, messianic judaizing, anti-Trinitarian and Unitarian cult of La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World). The PRI party gives tremendous amounts of money to the cult and even gives them the authority to make their own street names, and in return La Luz del Mundo tells all of their followers to vote PRI.

Mexico is not a secular country, it is really a theocratic state that is intertwined with the heretical protestant cult of La Luz del Mundo. This cult emerged during the late 1920s when the government of Plutarco Elias Calles was persecuting the Catholic Church, a persecution that would eventually lead to the Cristero War, a war that was between Catholics and the anti-Catholic, Freemason, Leninist and protestant inspired government of Mexico, that would last 8 years, from 1926 to 1929, and then after a false peace treaty, from 1935 to 1940. La Luz del Mundo was founded by Eusebius Joaquin Gonzalez, a military officer who hated the Catholic Church and worked as an ally with the government in its objective to destroy the Catholic Church. The co-founder of the cult was General Marcelino García Barragán, who as well was an ally of the state in its war against Christendom.

From 1943 to 1947, Barragan served as governor of Jalisco where he provided immense amount of government backing for the Luz del Mundo cult under the banner of the PRI, and would also serve as  National Secretary of Defense. Barragan provided support and gave power to the founder of the cult, Eusebius Joaquin Gonzalez (who was known as Hermano Aarón or Brother Aaron), and his La Luz del Mundo church which served as “markedly nationalistic, anti-clerical, and very much aligned with the politics of the PRI in the post-Cristero era”. This Eusebius was a demonically inspired man, a false prophet akin to Joseph Smith and Muhammad.

In 1926, the year in which the Mexican government commenced its persecution against Catholics, Eusebius joined two men named Saulo and Silas, who were both members of the Iglesia Apostólica de la Fe en Cristo Jesús (Apostolic Church of Faith in Jesus Christ), a Oneness Pentecostal church that


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