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Trump Made A MASSIVE Announcement About Melania – Shocking!!


Polls continue to stay high, but Donald Trump has had a rough few weeks in the media. With tonight’s critical Wisconsin election and 42 delegates in play, Trump’s team is focused on winning a majority of delegates to avoid a hotly contested convention later this summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

That’s why Trump just made a huge announcement in Wisconsin. Melania will go out on the campaign trail, starting today! Liberals can’t be happy about this:

She’s going to campaign. She’s never done this before,” Trump said at a rally in Racine, Wis.[…]

“So that will be exciting, Melania is coming up,” Trump added.

Trump has often joked that his wife tells him to act “more presidential.”

Melania Trump has shied away from the spotlight on the campaign trail, though she has spoken at rallies when called to the stage by her husband.

Via The Hill

Liberals and supporters of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are obsessed with her former career as a model.

This act is sure to infuriate liberals because it will just give Trump more attention, especially when most people thought he would keep Melania away from the spotlight to try to put the Utah controversy behind him.

The polls coming out of Wisconsin have shown Trump trailing Ted Cruz by an average of 6.5 points. Trump is undoubtedly hoping that having his wife campaign for him will boost his numbers.

Melania Trump is universally loved by Donald’s



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