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Hydrogen peroxide is very effective ingredient which is easily available and very cheap so anyone can afford it. It can be used for a number of purposes, from medicinal ingredient to household cleaning agent.

Medicinal use:

  1. It has the ability to clean wounds and stop minor bleeding and therefore you can use it when you accidentally cut yourself with a knife or poke with a needle.
  2. You can treat acne. Apply it directly on the affected area.
  3. Combine hydrogen peroxide with water to treat sores in your mouth. Simply wash your mouth with this solution. Hold for a second and then spit it out. Rinse your mouth with clean water afterwards.
  4. Wash your mouth with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of bacteria that is responsible for bad breath.
  5. Soak your feet in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in order to treat the invisible fungus on the feet.
  6. If you suffer from ear infections, simply apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear. Consult your doctor anyway.
  7. Just a few drops of hydrogen peroxide will help you clean the excess fat from the ears.
  8. Hold a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with water to relieve toothache.
  9. Clean your skin and body from bacteria by soaking in a tub with warm water and a little bit of hydrogen peroxide.
  10. You can add hydrogen peroxide in the mixture you use to wash your genitals to get rid of fungal infections.
  11. Whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Put a little bit of this liquid in your mouth and hold for half a minute.
  12. Make toothpaste and teeth bleach by combining hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.
  13. An excellent tool for cleaning contact lenses.
  14. Whiten you nails with hydrogen peroxide applied on a cotton wall.
  15. Apply hydrogen peroxide on your hair to hide roots of blond hair. Allow it to act for half an hour and then wash your hair.
  16. Lighten your hair by making a spray from hydrogen peroxide and water. Apply the resulting mixture on the area where you want to achieve this.
  17. You can disinfect your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide.
  18. Use a mixture made of hydrogen peroxide and water for softening the feet.

Using it in the household

  1. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide on a towel in order to disinfect taps.
  2. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide on a sponge


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