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German Neo-Nazis rally: ‘Jewish pigs can’t ban anti-Semites’

Series of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany highlight rise of fringe groups as refugees pour into Europe.
By David Rosenberg

Fringe nationalist groups are resurgent in Germany in the wake of the ongoing refugee migrant crisis facing Europe.

But while the migrants in question are predominantly Muslim and virtually all Arab, Neo-Nazis and other radical rightist movements in Germany aren’t limiting their rhetoric to immigrants.

Tried and true staples of German radical nationalists have also been on the rise, including defamation of Jews, rejection of the United States, and allegations of a Zionist “capitalist conspiracy”.

Last Saturday, activists affiliated with the PEGIDA nationalist movement held a demonstration in Berlin, ostensibly to protest the movement of Middle Eastern migrants into Germany.

Yet according to a report by Blick nach Rechts, the slogans and signs at the rally largely targeted Jews, with chants of “Never again Israel”.

Demonstrators held up large banners reading “Blood and oil, the face of USrael”, showing a vampire-like figure with a Star of David and US dollar sign in place of fangs. Witnesses claimed demonstrators called counter-protesters “hook nosed”.

A separate rally on Saturday by the far-right National


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