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Khaled al-Hamad (????-2016) was tragically killed in the Syrian Civil War. Al-Hamad was known as a devoted father, husband and cannibal. He fought for truth, justice and an Islamic State that would behead infidels, cover women and eat body parts. A passionate rebel,. Khaled, also known as Abu Sakkar, came to the world’s attention when he passionately ate a heart or possibly a lung on camera.

Syrian rebel commander Abu Sakkar has said he has no regrets about cutting open the body of an enemy soldier and taking a bite out of his internal organs.

In the video, Sakkar, identified as a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade, is seen taking out organs, believed to be the heart and a lung, from the soldier’s body and holding them up in front of the camera before taking a bite out of one of them.

There was some debate as to whether Sakkar/Hamad was eating a heart or a lung.

Al Hamad has now confirmed that the video is real, and that he did indeed take a bite of the soldier’s lung. (At the time of the filming, al Hamad believed that he was biting into the liver. A surgeon who has seen the video confirms that the organ in question was a lung, which somewhat resembles the liver).

Don’t worry though, Hamad isn’t one of those extremists. He was a moderate.

The Farouk Brigade has been described as “Moderately Islamist.”

Since then though Hamad became an “extremist” and joined Al Qaeda. And got himself killed.

The Observatory said that rival rebels “assassinated Khaled al-Hamad, who was known as Abu Sakkar and who was a military commander in Al-Nusra, by


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