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ALERT: ISIS Makes Terrifying Announcement About Huge Attack – It’s Coming…

Americans have been waiting to see when the next ISIS-related terror attack will take place, knowing that the United States is the ultimate target. A new video from the Islamic extremists indicates potential targets in the future and it should frighten all of us.


From The Political Insider:

We know that President Barack Obama’s weakness against the Islamic State (ISIS) has allowed terrorists to become stronger while increasing their deadly attacks on the West. But now, they are so confident in their abilities that they have announced they will strike in England!

After Paris and Brussels, we know they are serious, and it’s time to prepare:

Islamic State (IS) terrorists have released a threatening new video, praising the attacks in Paris and Brussels and promising London, Berlin or Rome will be next.

The video, titled, “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands” after a Quran verse (009:014) quotes another verse (191-193) calling on Muslims to, “kill [infidels] wherever you find them”.

The film claims responsibility for the bombings that killed


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