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MUSLIMS TURN ON MERKEL: Now even the ‘refugee’s turn on Europe saying they were lured to the continent with lies

FURIOUS migrants have turned against Angela Merkel en masse and are now BLAMING her for risking the lives of their children by luring them to Europe on false pretences, can exclusively reveal today.


Stranded refugees launched a stinging tirade against the beleaguered German leader, saying she sold them a pack of lies during her infamous speech when she rolled out the red carpet to migrants from across the Middle East.

Today they launched a desperate plea for her to be held accountable for the ongoing migrant chaos, telling that they “risked their children’s lives” on the back of her supposed warm welcome.

Migrants who believed that they were being welcomed with open arms by Mrs Merkel have actually encountered barbed wire fences, riot police and increasingly hostile publics turning against them.

One disconsolate refugee gave this website his personal message to the German chancellor, pleading: “Why couldn’t you say no from the beginning?” visited four squalid camps in Serbia where migrants are living in filthy conditions whilst dreaming of a better life.

Amongst their downtrodden ranks we found a growing backlash against under-fire Mrs Merkel, who many migrants now blame for their desperate plight.

The German chancellor publicly announced Syrians would be welcomed into her country with open arms last year, offering them the chance to escape war, in what is now seen as the greatest political blunder of her leadership.

Millions heard her call and flocked towards the main EU bloc, but a crisis ensued when other nation states panicked. Internal borders across the Schengen free movement zone were hastily restored – often with barbed wire and troops – leaving thousands of people stranded in ‘no man’s land’.

Tensions have since boiled over in the squalid camps, and clashes between police and frustrated migrants were reported along the route from Syria, through Greece and the Balkans.

But while this was happening, Syrians were still selling their belongings to raise the cash to reach the promised land having been promised a new life in Germany. The journey – either across the Aegean sea from Turkey to Greece or the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy – costs thousands of pounds and is fraught with danger.

Thousands of migrants have drowned after being packed


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