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UTTER INSANITY: Brussels chief unveils EU master plan to encourage MORE Muslim migration despite all of the security risks plaguing the continent

BRUSSELS’ migration chief has tonight unveiled jawdropping plans to encourage MORE economic migration to the continent despite the ongoing refugee crisis.


Dimitris Avramopoulos urged EU nations to open up their borders to more migrants despite the current chaos, which has seen millions of migrants force their way across Europe.

Even though the crisis has pushed the Schengen free movement zone to breaking point and seen asylum applications rocket Brussels is devising plans to take in MORE people.

And the shock plans could have a direct impact on Britain, which may end up being forced to take in its share of the new arrivals.

Today, official recommendations from the EU Commission were revealed showing how bureaucrats want to bring skilled migrants through borders, whilst making member states take set amounts of people.

According to the bombshell document the Dublin Regulation, which allows Britain to send refugees back to the country they first registered in, could also be scrapped.

The report sent to the European Parliament today admits the migrant crisis which has engulfed the main bloc has exposed ‘weaknesses’ in the current Common European Asylum System.

This has led to a ‘disproportionate amount’ of refugees arriving certain countries – and Europe wants that to change.

The document – know as a communication – shockingly points out that the EU wants to carve out more legal pathways for migrants to encourage them to come to Europe.

It states: “European countries will continue to stand steadfast in meeting their legal and moral commitment to those who need protection from war and persecution.

“And, as their own demographics evolve, they will need to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of attracting foreign talents and skills.

“Attracting innovative entrepreneurs to the EU would not only be part of the general approach to soften the impact of the demographic decline.”

Two options for the reform of the Dublin Regulation are being considered which could take the decision over migrant influx out of Britain’s hands.

The first would be adding a ‘corrective fairness mechanism’ to the current rules, meaning asylum seekers could be moved


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