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FATHER OF THE YEAR: Russian professor becomes “fascinated with Islam,” takes family to the Islamic State

Where did Andrey Karasik get the crazy idea that the Islamic State had something to do with Islam? Everyone knows that’s completely false. Maybe John Kerry or Pope Francis could send someone over to the Islamic State to try to find poor Karasik and explain the true, peaceful Islam to him.


“University professor fascinated with Islam ‘takes family to Syria to fight for ISIS,’” by Alix Culbertson, Express, April 7, 2016:

A UNIVERSITY professor who became fascinated with Islam has given up teaching to fight for Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, according to local media.

Andrey Karasik allegedly left his home country Russia with his wife and three children, Jasmina, Amira and Amina.

Authorities are now closely monitoring the situation after the 39-year-old’s passport was spotting being used in Syria.

His disappearance came 10 years after he became intrigued by Islam.

The professor at the Volgograd Technical University in Russia initially had an innocent interest in the religion.

However, two years ago he allegedly became obsessed with the radical extremist movement under the influence of a friend who studied at the Volgograd Medical Academy.

Since then, he left his job as an English


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